Sales & Marketing Manager (1990-1997)

Viñas del Vero Winery (D.O. Somontano, Spain):

  • Starting from scratch Sales & Marketing Department.
  • Create sales team and distributors.
  • Marketing Plan, products development, events management, communication, advertisement, promotion, etc…
  • Representation at regional government meetings.
  • Founding Partner de Sommeliers Association from Aragon.
  • Launching of PIREVINO (Vice president) (Wine Fair from Pyrenees Regions).

Bodegas Lan (Rioja) y Santiago Ruiz (Rias Baixas), Spain.

  • La Rioja is the most important and prestigious region in the wine industry in Spain.
  • I was managing a sales team of 7 people and 30 distributors.
  • Negotiating with large national chain supermarkets.
  • Attending and managing Trade Fairs, Wine Tours, etc…
  • Designing Marketing Plan.

I finished my work in this position to start my own business.

GESCOM (Sales Management & Marketing)1998-2005

  • Commercial Services for wineries; e.g., recruiting and selecting distributors for Bodegas Bretón (Rioja) and Bodegas Pirineos (Somontano); Viability Study to convert a bulk wine winery, in bottled wine, etc.
  • Sales Manager Reales Almazaras de Alcaniz (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).
  • Sales Agent Korchoplast (synthetic corks)
  • Distributor wines and gourmet food (on/off premise)
  • Launching Tasting Room
  • Wine Tasting Professor HORECA (Association Hotels & Restaurants)
  • Marketing Professor ESIC (Marketing and Business School)


Working in USA

The 1st of December, 2015 I moved from Spain. 

I decided developing my career looking for new opportunities.

I’m working in San Diego, CA in the wine industry and I’m helping Spaniard companies to export their products in the American market, looking for importers and distributors and with different tasks.